PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL
PaWz Foldable Pet Bed Pillow XL

Foldable Pet Puppy Bed

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Get your pet a perfect spot to rest with this Foldable Pet Puppy Bed. Every pet deserves a place to reside, a place to relax, a place to go through their adorable furry thoughts. They prefer a bed that is comfortable, soft, and cuddly. A combination that is hard to mold, but does not worry our team of experts has devised a perfect recipe for the bed. It is designed with great care and precision to cater to the most pampered pets, a flawless make for an ideal bed. Its smooth plush surface offers the right amount of support by evenly distributing the weight. 

It is made of high-quality polyester and foam, built with tough stitching to withstand those cutest tantrums. Maintains optimal performance all day long. Its foam construction absorbs noise for a stress-free environment. It comes with a non-slip bottom to prevent accidental slides when joyfully playing around. The entire structure is made of non-toxic material, no more worry if they bite or lick. It causes no harm in any way. It does not emit any foul smell that may upset or annoy your lovely pet. 


    • Foldable design
    • Removable and washable cover
    • Snuggly soft sleep surface
    • Egg crate foam
    • Designed for body comfort
    • Noise reduction foam
    • Non-slip bottom
    • Soothes pressure points and supports joints
    The Foldable Pet Puppy Bed destined to impress, and priced at only $99.00, for a limited time.

    Inventory Last Updated: Oct 20, 2021

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