After a long hectic day, everyone needs a good and sound sleep. You can enjoy good sleep if your bed is comfortable and you have chosen perfect pillow for yourself. Otherwise you will wake up with headache and bad neck pain which would lead to distress and irritability whole day.


Regardless of other environmental and other biological issues, if we talk about neck pain and headache linked with sleep then following factors must be taken seriously to avoid disturbed sleep:

  • Bad sleeping posture

 Sleeping on your stomach can strain your neck muscles because your neck would be twisted to one of the both sides for many hours which ultimately become stiff and sore in the morning. So always sleep in supine position or side lying.

  Neck pain is mainly linked with such pillows which are not suitable for your body. You need to know which pillow is best for your sleeping position whether soft or hard (if it is ortho pillow).



When it comes to sleep, neck pain and headache are closely related to each other. A good pillow can make or break your sleep. Let’s find out which pillows are best to use to get rid of disturbed sleep.


  • Memory foam pillow
  • Latex pillow
  • Ortho pillow
  • Buckwheat pillow
  • C shaped pillow
  • Pan cake pillow with adjustable layering
  • Mediflow water pillow


A memory foam  is basically a combination of polyurethane foam and some chemicals that make it viscose and elastic to provide contouring. It is the best one for neck pain and shoulder pain. It gives an excellent contour to your neck, head and shoulders. It relieves neck pain and may even prevent snoring. The best thing about this kind is that it gives best support; a natural curve to your spine when you are sleeping.

Memory foam pillow


It is a travel friendly pillow which means it is so handy that you can take it anywhere with you. It comes with travel straps which can be tied with your luggage or can be hooked with anything.

It is offered with various covering options depending on customer’s need, such as:


Latex pillows have become so popular in recent years among people complaining neck pain during sleep. It is the cleverest kind because of its generous blend of 100% natural Talalay which gives perfect contour against your body and neck. It contains no synthetic latex or chemicals and this characteristic make it distinguished among all other categories.

Latex is thought to be best pillow for neck pain. It is durable, washable, soft and also supportive to neck and spine. It gives such comfort that no one wants to go back to their ordinary pillows after using the latex one.Natural Latex Pillow

It is considered to be safe naturally but if you are latex allergic, you can ask for a sample before purchasing it.

They are biodegradable and insect resistant such as bed bugs and dust mites which is highly appreciable characteristic.


Buckwheat pillows were first originated in Japan. They are filled with Hulls which are the outer hard coverings of buckwheat seeds. These hulls can be added or removed according to the need of customer to get more or less thickness.

These pillows gives all needed pressure to your neck and gives you a comfortable sleep. Buckwheat is the best to conform to the curve of your neck. There are no toxins used in their manufacturing. Although they are considered as the best pillow to manage neck pain but you can use them for other purposes as well.

Buckwheat Pillows

Again they do not attract bed bugs or dust mites which is a positive thing. One more specialty is they can control different temperature which means you can use them in any climate.


Orthopedic pillow commonly known as ortho pillow is a medicated manufacturing. They are usually recommended by an ortho physician for severe neck pain and headaches.

An orthopedic pillow is specifically designed to correct the body position even a person is lying on any surface. It ensures the right support to specific parts of body to give sound rest to the sleeper. They are regarded as therapeutic pillows that claim to sort out neck pain and headaches and sleeping disorders as well.

CERVICAL pillow is one of its best kinds and its specially designed curve gives relaxation to head, neck and shoulders and relieves neck pain. Ortho pillows come in customized shapes relying upon specific targeted part of the body.


In this modern era, finding the best pillow for neck pain is not a difficult task. In this article you can better choose one best for your headache and can easily get while you sit at your home with the help of few clicks on jaydeebedding.com




A comparison is always done when you get so many choices and all seem to be best for you but still you need to pick one among all. Similarly here in this article we shall do a comparison to help you in choosing the best.

Latex pillow is made up of all natural latex and is more durable. It gives immediate softness as compared to memory foam pillow but later gives firmness because of its structure. It absorbs heat and water much better than the other one. This shows that latex pillow is suitable even for intense hot weather.

Conversely memory foam pillow is 100% man made and manufactured with a very specific weight-absorbing quality. One of the main selling points of these is that it evenly distributes the weight and pressure by contouring the head and neck, relieves the pain and gives you the best pain free sleep one can imagine of.

If you are looking for a long lasting softer touch then you should go for memory foam. It is quite affordable and you can choose one with low price and less density. On the other hand, latex pillows come in less variety and no price range.

In terms of memory foam headrest, check a wide variety at jaydeebedding.com where some of our favorites are  LUXURY MEMORY FOAM BAMBOO COVER PILLOW IN just $34.95 with some cool features like eco-friendly, removable and washable coves, high density. Best for neck pressure points.

Another choice can be made for PREMIUM MEMORY RESISTANT EUROPEAN PILLOW. It comes in twin pack just in $49.95 with special microfiber material and 65*65 cm dimension.

CONTOUR GEL MEMORY FOAM PILLOW is the most selling headrest which gives you cooling effects with special gel panel in just $59.95. it is offered with removable case and can be washed easily.

If you are interested in latex, check out our NATURAL LATEX PILLOW giving you orthopedic massage in just $99.00. It is specially designed to create and maintain a healthy posture while sleeping. It takes care of your neck in such a way that it eliminates neck spasms, neck muscle tension, reduce facial muscle swelling and correct your posture. It is highly breathable and can be used in summer and winter.

Find more variety of other categories at jaydeebedding pillow and cushion.


It is the first question which comes in mind of a customer while buying new pillow. Well all can be washed but with carefully following the instructions.

The easiest thing is just remove the case and wash it separately. If it is most needed to wash the pillow as well then soak the pillow in water, not exposing to direct sunlight. Pillows for neck pain and headache are designed for hand wash and not for machine wash. Moreover, they should not be twisted or stretched.


When you buy a memory foam headrest, you get a manual guide of how to wash it which instructs the wash step by step.

In a quick elaboration,

  • Soak your pillow in Luke warm water and add some detergent
  • Carefully rub it and submerge under the soapy water
  • Drain the soapy water after some time and refill the tub with fresh water
  • Squeeze your pillow gently and remove the soapy water. Repeat if needed.
  • Avoid squeezing and twisting rigorously.


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Vacuum off any loose dust on the pillows and spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Leave them to air dry.
Wash your pillows in the washer on a gentle cycle with warm water and just a small amount of detergent. Tumble dry after wash.

Memory foam neck pillows are very much in demand because they are medically advised for neck, shoulder, and back pain.

If your pillow is clean, proving as the best support to your head and neck, and free of allergens, it is advised to use it for up to two years. If it is not, you need to replace it immediately.

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