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We assure you of all-natural raw materials used in product manufacturing. Our light-weight and skin-friendly quilts are specifically made up of high-quality Alpaca, Wool, Cotton, Bamboo, and down/feather to give you quality bedtime.

Jaydee bedding is a unique brand of quality and originality providing comfort to the whole of Australia since 1974. The innovation in our bedding range is beyond the limits and this is what we promise.

Our quilts' quality and affordability are matchless and they are cheap all over Australia. We keep a strong bond of trust with our customers offering very reasonable prices.

We have a wide range of Australian-made pillows which are aesthetically best proven for skin care and hair care. 1000 Thread Count Cotton Pillow, Memory Foam Pillows, Riverina Alpaca Blend Pillows, Bamboo Pillows, Lavender wool blend Pillows, Maternity pregnancy body support pillows, Buckwheat Hull Pillows are some best names from our catalog.

Vacuum off any loose dust on the pillows and spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Leave them to air dry.
Wash your pillows in the washer on a gentle cycle with warm water and just a small amount of detergent. Tumble dry after wash.

Memory foam neck pillows are very much in demand because they are medically advised for neck, shoulder, and back pain.

If your pillow is clean, proving as the best support to your head and neck, and free of allergens, it is advised to use it for up to two years. If it is not, you need to replace it immediately.

Always look for the best material, comfort, better shape, and support, to buy a cushion. Cushions at Jaydee bedding meet all these criteria.

The top quality and resilience of our cushions make their long-lasting usage. They will give you pressure relief for many years if provided good care and gentle wash.

Our mattresses toppers are Australian-made to provide ultimate luxury and peaceful sleep. We have gel-infused, chiropractic, memory foam, and many other options available to buy.

If you follow the proper guidelines given by the manufacturer for how to better use your mattress, it can go along for 7-8 years easily.

We protect, preserve, and believe in nature. Our all products are eco-friendly and our customers like this feature the most!