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How To Style Your Bed

Did you know that we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep? Seeing as almost all sleeping occurs in a bed it can be safe to assume that we spend about a third of our lives in bed. With the amount of time we spend in our beds, we deserve to have a beautiful, cozy, and comfortable place to lay our heads. A bed that serves as a haven you can just drop on at the end of a hectic day and let out all the negative energy from your body.

Having a beautifully styled bed that looks like it has stepped right out of a magazine is an art form and not a very easy one. However, looking at your perfectly put together bed each day will give you a sense of satisfaction that will make your whole day. Here are a few tips to help you create the bed of your dreams.



Begin with a Strong Foundation

In any situation, when it comes to creating something great you need to start with a strong foundation. Styling beds is no different. Your foundations in this case are your bed frame, mattress, and sheets. You want a strong frame that will comfortably support your bed. The last thing you want is a squeaky bed.

When it comes to picking a mattress, choose the best option you can afford. However, do not go cheap on the mattresses, it determines the quality of your sleep. Thus always consider quality over price. Lastly, pick your sheets. Nothing beats the feeling of slipping into crisp, clean sheets. Hence ensure you select quality sheets. The colour of the sheets is up to you. While white is the classic choice for sheets and it forms the perfect background when you start layering on different colours, prints, and patterns. Don't be afraid to opt for coloured sheets. They can be a subtle way to add a punch of colour to your bed without overwhelming it.


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  Add Layers

Once you have your foundation locked in, it's time to add layers. Layers add depth and texture to a bed making it look cosier and inviting. Just after the sheets, lay down a soft plush quilt. The thickness and warmth of the quilt will depend on the current season. Top it with a cozy duvet or comforter that you want to wrap yourself with. Your duvet is the perfect item to play with patterns and colours. Let your personality shine through. Fold up the top quarter of your duvet. It adds another layer to your bed and reveals a part of your sheets allowing its colours to shine through.


Pillows are so versatile and are the perfect way to add a little pizzaz to your bed. You can mix up patterns, textures, colours, sizes, or shapes. You have so many options. Thus, it is all up to you. Furthermore, how many pillows you have on your bed will depend on the bed's size, and how many pillows you are willing to move each night. However, be careful not to overwhelm the bed with too many pillows. You can prop up your larger pillows to give the bed some height and arrange some decorative pillows in front of it. If you decide to mix up patterns, ensure that you use one unifying colour to tie the bed together.

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Add the Final Touches

No professionally styled bed is complete without a stylish throw perfectly folded and laid at the foot of the bed or casually draped on the side. It is like the cherry on top that ties the whole look together and is a great way to add some more texture to your bed. I hope these tips help you style your perfect bed, and I urge you to come and check out Jaydee Bedding Furniture, where you will find everything you need to create the bed of your dreams.

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