Types of Comforters

The term comforter is usually associated with comfort, relaxation and coziness. Yes! This is what a comforter does in styling a bed; one has to be very conscious with the choice of comforter. Comforter is a type of large top sheet which is made up of two lengths of coverings usually sewn together. A comforter is filled with some insulating material to give warmth and coziness while you enjoy your quality time. You can always choose the level of warmth and obviously the size, weight of your comforter based on the climate you live in and your personal preferences that match with your mood and personality.

Most people get confused with the term comforter and duvet, they presume both as same things but these are different but closely related. So while buying a comforter you must distinguish between the two  as comforter is double spread sheets sewn together and filled with insulating material, its one to one top sheet that doesn’t come separate covering. Comforters are flatter comparatively. On the other hand duvets tend to be fluffier than comforter, they comes with covering that can easily be washed even on daily basis.


So let’s get back to the tips of choosing a comforter wisely. Depending on the bed size, select the size of your comforter. They usually come in twin, twin XL, full, full/queen, oversized queen, king and oversized king. Choose the size accordingly as it’s really obvious that king sized comforter doesn’t suit on twin bed or vice versa. Similarly if you buy a comforter smaller than your bed size, it will look silly and lack functioning.


Look of a comforter also matters a lot as it is going to depict your personality and taste. Comforter covers your bed and it holds the very first glance when a person enters into a room. Well, while selecting the outer fabric, you must consider the local climate, your body temperature and your aesthetic sense. Usually comforter is offered in cotton, silk, bamboo and blended fabric. COTTON is best for summers as it absorbs your sweating and gives light feeling while SILK gives an elegant look to your bed.

BAMBOO comforter set is highly breathable, reduces humidity and heat. Living in an area with warm climate demands bamboo comforter. Light colors add more beauty and freshness to your room. You can have a look at wide range of comforter shells of your choice at jaydeebedding.com


The most important thing to be considered while buying a comforter is its filling. Below mentioned are some types that are easily available everywhere.


Down is a high quality natural goose-grown product that gives fine thermal insulation greatly used in comforters. It helps to maintain the fluffy nature and coziness of a comforter. In extreme winter weather, down feather comforters are best to use. The best quality of down feather comforter is its light and warm. So our advice to you is to go for it if you want your bed warm and superior. Plus wool allergic person can consider this filling.


Wool comforters provide restful night with full comfort. It has ability to absorb and desorbs moisture, keeps your body safe from overheating and reduces allergen issues. Wool has anti inflammatory nature. Jaydeebedding provides wool comforters that match with your choice.


Mulberry silk is usually used in comforters. It’s a natural fiber spun that comes from silkworm. This type of comforter gives the ultimate luxury. Again its breathable, antibacterial and moisture wicking.

At jaydeebedding get silk comforter if you live a luxurious life.


Polyester comforters are mostly used in low temperature areas as polyester doesn’t allow air to cross. It’s not breathable so a bad choice in summers, body heat will not easily escape causing you to sweat excessively but great one in winters.

In conclusion, there are many varied pros and cons in comforter filling options as well as in its appearance. It’s difficult to choose the best one but still not impossible. All you need is to consider your climate (most importantly), theme of your room, body temperature, needs and body allergies. It’s always a fun choosing the right look that fits to your mood and décor.

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